Endoluxe and Optimus-ISE Enter Marketing and Development Agreement to Realize Advanced Imaging and Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Operating Rooms

April 29, 2022

Manhattan Beach, Calif., March 25, 2022— Endoluxe and Optimus-ISE are proud to announce that they have entered into a co-marketing and development agreement to realize the advanced technology synergies of both organizations. With Optimus-ISE focused on safer, more efficient, and improved financial performing operating rooms, the Endoluxe platform fits perfectly into these guiding principles to provide an optimal clinical environment.                                              

“We are thrilled to enter this new global partnership. The Endoluxe platform, consisting of a wireless camera, cloud-based storage, and AI/ML clinical applications, is a fantastic fit with the vision of the Optimus operating room.” says Devon Bream, CEO of Endoluxe. “Our product eliminates the cables and cords of legacy camera platforms, which aligns with the clutter free design of the Optimus-ISE operating room.Additionally, Endoluxe provides a cloud-based storage solution that eliminates antiquated recording boxes and seamlessly connects to hospital EMRs. The Endoluxe cloud lets clinicians immediately share images from a procedure with patients and family, increasing patient satisfaction experiences. But one of the most exciting opportunities to collaborate with Optimus-ISE is through our novelAI/ML Endoluxe applications that provide clinicians with insights that legacy camera platforms simply cannot offer.”

The Endoluxe EVS is the perfect camera system for all endoscopic procedures that utilize industry standard rigid and flexible analogue scopes such as urology, gynecology, ENT, general surgery,,and orthopedics. The handheld Orb replaces the legacy endoscopic tower with advanced, portable technology at 1/6 the cost.

“We are excited to enter into a partnership with Endoluxe,” states Bill Passmore, CCO of Optimus. “The Endoluxe co-founders are both practicing surgeons, which adds yet another validation that Optimus-ISE is designing advanced solutions that are meaningful to those that will ultimately be using them. While Optimus remains vendor agnostic, the advantage of collaborating with innovative technologies like Endoluxe allows us to provide our customers integrated options that no other providers can. The potential for collaboration and co-development is vast with both organizations benefiting from shared resources, sales platforms and becoming greater than the sum of the parts with a great cultural fit”

 Endoluxe is a world-class endoscopic video imaging organization based in the United States with worldwide distribution of its medical industry design award-winning Endoluxe Orb. The company is focused on reducing costs of legacy video platforms, enhancing procedure adoption, and improving patient outcomes through better therapy application. Endoluxe is committed to being a vendor agnostic platform that allows customers to utilize their existing investment in traditional scopes and supporting devices, while taking advantage of future technological advancements utilizing our portable, integrated, and feature-laden platform at1/6th the cost of legacy products. More information can be found at Endoluxe.com.

 Optimus Integrated SurgicalEnvironment AG is a Swiss-based company that delivers a holistic solution for the entire operating room and surrounding support services. Optimus integrates all vendors by acting as the single supplier for planning, installation and maintenance services for new hospital and refurbished operating room facility builds. The company provides services for the entire lifecycle of the operating sector of hospitals: from “blue-sky” phase of new operating room build planning, installation, and project management, through the total time of ownership including maintenance, servicing, and technology updates. More information can be found at Optimus-ISE.com.