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The Endoluxe Platform

Endoscopic Visualization // Digital Health // Surgical Intelligence

Endoluxe Vision

All in one, wireless, cloud connected endoscopy visualization system.

Digital Health

Digital health platform that stores your endoscopy videos and photos and allows you to live stream, share videos with patient and colleagues

Surgical Intelligence

Surgical Intelligence utilizing computer vision and camera head sensor data to provide surgical insights to the endoscopist

How it Works


Physician Founded team lead with Industry Experts
Your product has an outstanding design with ergonomics that are lightyears beyond the competition. The interface is intuitive and responsive, the aesthetics are sleek and modern, and the coupling with cystoscopes is second to none in ease and speed of use. I believe your product has enormous potential. I love clipping the puck onto the light source and having it just work. The EndoLuxe is like Apple’s Airpods – once you try the product, you never want to go back to a corded option again.
John Walton M.D.
Urologist, Urology of Indiana

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