Endoluxe announces know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic

December 5, 2022

Endoluxe announced today it has entered into a know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic to research the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the fight against bladder cancer. Mayo Clinic will utilize the Endoluxe Visualization System, a wireless endoscopic “smart” camera platform, and its unique edge computing attributes, which provide AI-powered clinical insights to clinicians and can lead to better patient outcomes.

The novel Endoluxe technology platform provides clinicians real-time data and clinical insights onscreen during a surgical procedure–an important tool that no other endoscopic platform currently offers.

“Working with Mayo Clinic clinicians will further advance Endoluxe’s surgical insights capabilities. We are excited to accelerate our cutting-edge technology platform for the benefit of patients,” said Dr. Phil Zhao, Chief Medical Officer at Endoluxe.  

About Endoluxe
Endoluxe is a world-class endoscopic video imaging organization based in the United States, with worldwide distribution of its medical industry design award-winning Endoluxe Orb. The company is focused on reducing costs of legacy video platforms, enhancing procedure adoption, and improving patient outcomes through better therapy application. Endoluxe is committed to being a vendor-agnostic platform that allows customers to utilize their existing investment in traditional scopes and supporting devices — while taking advantage of future technological advancements using our portable, integrated and feature-laden platform at 1/4th the cost of legacy products. More information can be found at Endoluxe.com.