Endoluxe to Exhibit With Dornier Medtech During American Urology Association Conference in New Orleans May 13-16, 2022

April 7, 2022

Endoluxe is proud to announce that they will be part of the Dornier MedTech exhibition booth during the upcoming AUA conference in New Orleans. Dornier and Endoluxe have products and platforms focused in the urology arena offering innovation and value.

“Our goal in inventing the Endoluxe EVS was to eliminate the costly, complicated and antiquated pieces of legacy endoscopy video platforms,” states co-founder Dr. Neal Patel. “We designed a platform that accommodates innovations which enhance procedure adoption, patient safety, and clinical outcomes. Dornier is an excellent partner to work with at the AUA and we appreciate their support of our platform.”

The Endoluxe EVS is the perfect camera system for all endoscopic procedures that utilize industry standard rigid and flexible analogue scopes such as urology, gynecology, ENT, general surgery, and orthopedics. The handheld Orb replaces the legacy endoscopic tower with advanced, portable technology at 1/6 the cost.

“We are pleased to have Endoluxe represented in our AUA booth and believe their technology represents the future of endoscopic visualization. With the various new innovative urology products that Dornier is introducing at AUA, it is an ideal situation to have Endoluxe join our exhibit,” states Brock Faulkner, general manager of Dornier MedTech.

Endoluxe is a world-class endoscopic video imaging organization based in the United States with worldwide distribution of its medical industry design award-winning Endoluxe Orb. The company is focused on reducing costs of legacy video platforms, enhancing procedure adoption, and improving patient outcomes through better therapy application. Endoluxe is committed to being a vendor agnostic platform that allows customers to utilize their existing investment in traditional scopes and supporting devices, while taking advantage of future technological advancements utilizing our portable, integrated, and feature-laden platform at 1/6th the cost of legacy products. More information can be found at Endoluxe.com.

Dornier MedTech is a medical device company headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is a full subsidiary of Advanced MedTech. As a pioneer in the field of urology, Dornier is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Dornier continues to spearhead innovation in urology, launching more than 25 urology device innovations in the last 5 years. It is pushing the envelope in digital urology to provide holistic care to patients who are seeking treatment and community as they work through their conditions online and in real life.

For more information, visit www.dornier.com.